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Dr.S.VijayAnand awarded Critical Care Medical Excellence..!

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Dr.S.VijayAnand awarded Critical Care Medical Excellence..!

Dr Vijay Anand of Velammal Hospital was awarded for Critical Care
Medical Excellence by the World Tamil Organization for 2020 – 21 World renowned Critical Care Expert from India, Dr.S.VijayAnand, Head, Critical Care, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute was awarded with the prestigious Medical Excellence Award in Critical Care during Covid

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Pandemic by World Tamil Organization, UK. The honor was bestowed for his outstanding contribution in the field of Emergency care and his distinguished service across Tamilnadu. The award was presented by Honorable Speaker of the British House of Commons, Mr Lindsay Hoyle.

The award was instituted to recognize efforts of best doctors from various specialties in Tamilnadu state. The award ceremony saw a total of 15 doctors and honored. The ceremony was held at House of Commons, British Parliament, London. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. S. Vijay Anand, Head, Critical Care, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, said “I am extremely delighted to receive this award as it is for a cause which is really very close to my heart.

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This is in recognition to the exemplary team work that my colleagues and support staff at Velammal hospital who has steadfastly provided their commitment over the years that made this possible.” Along with Dr. Vijay Anand, Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu Mr. Ma. Subramanian received Lifetime achievement award for his excellent service during Covid pandemic.

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