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Cross breed Jersey cows -suitable for Tamilnadu Cow Rearing-by SEVAI Women Self Help Groups

அடகு - ஏல நகையை மீட்டு மறு அடகு வைக்க - விற்க

Cross breed Jersey cows -suitable for Tamilnadu Cow Rearing-by SEVAI Women Self Help Groups

Cross breed Jersey cows rearing is suitable for Tamilnadu “said K.Devendran, a cow farming trainer in SEVAI.K.Devendran further said, “SEVAI services start right with the conception of idea of an ideal dairy farm fully customized according to the local environment and Cow farmers’ needs.
SEVAI –Cow cow project is in optimum utilization of local resources. SEVAI –OFI Cow project proposes to reach the marginal cow farmers creating awareness on Manpower planning and solutions, Training sessions, sourcing of Livestock, Fodder management, calculation of feed, Farm mechanization, Optimization of operating costs and efficiency ratios, Designing of most economical, Technical knowhow with practical experience of owning and running a dairy farm, Focus on maximizing productive investment and minimizing investment on non productive items, Guaranteed savings of 15 to 25 % in cow project cost, Guaranteed lucrative returns on investment”.

The Coordinator of SEVAI K.Devendran further said to Women Self Help group members those are having cows, on preparation of their own quality feed for cows as the same is proposed in Sirugamani SEVAI Cattle farm. K.Devendran works in close collaboration with Hugues, who has shown professional interest and support with his associate volunteers. K.Devendran of SEVAI mentioned, “Jersey breed is popular for the high butter fat content of its milk and the lower maintenance costs attending its lower bodyweight, as well as its genial disposition.

வேலை பெறுவது எளிது ! தலைசிறந்த வேலைவாய்ப்பு இணைதளம்

Under British rule Jerseys were transported to India and cross bred with Asian breeds to improve the quality of milk produced by domestic breeds – the practice of importing pure bred Jerseys for cross-breeding continues to this day.

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The Jersey cow is quite small, ranging from only 400–500 kilograms. The main factor contributing to the popularity of the breed has been their greater economy of production, due to the ability to carry a larger number of effective milking cows per unit area due to lower body weight, hence lower maintenance requirements, and superior grazing ability, Calving ease , leading to their popularity in cross breeding with other dairy to reduce calving related injuries, High fertility, High butterfat conditions, Jerseys are adaptable to hot climates and are bred in the hottest parts. They are calm and docile animals, but tend to be a bit more nervous than other dairy cow breeds. They are also highly recommended cows for first time owners and marginal pasture.

DAIRY FARMERS can make their own high quality cattle feed using locally available raw material, and such low-cost feed can improve the productivity of the milch cows. Farmers should provide adequate feed to meet the daily requirement of the animals to get the best milk yields. A variety of locally available raw material such as sorghum cumbu ,tamarind seed, rice bran, tapioca residue, ragi husk, sunflower meal, groundnut oilcake, gingelly oilcake, cotton seedcake and poultry droppings can be used judiciously to make the concentrate.”

– Govin

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