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How to make money from blogging?

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How to make money from blogging?

Internet the medium invented for sharing information has become the one for earning money. There are plentiful ways like YouTubeing, e-commerce selling and others in reaping money online. But the one classic and evergreen possibility is blogging. Since Amit Agarwal days blogging has yielded millions to the dedicated ones.

Most of us are aware of Google Adsense, but that’s not the only viable way to earn through blogging. In this article I will help you with several other ways that can yield better income than Adsense.

What is blogging?
Before we dive into the list of money minting ways, let’s understand what blogging is. Blogging is sharing your views and ideas through texts and images in a website. Website which is not a formal one, rather designed as per your wish. If you decide to blog, the first thing to do is to select your niche, because publishing articles on one niche impresses more readers than multiple niches. If you are a novice and willing to start blogging you can try or to initiate your first blog.

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Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a classic and solid option to earn through blogging. Google Adsense is an advertising program by Google, which places advertisements in your blog through which you can earn money (in USD). Adsense offers multiple ad revenue patterns. The popular ones are Pay per view, pay per click and pay per sale. Pay per view earns you income based on the views the ad receives where as pay per click offers earning per click and pay per sale gives you commission when someone makes a purchase by clicking the ad in your blog. Out of the above pay per view is popular, but pay per sale earns more revenue than pay per view.
Affiliate marketing

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This is one best way to make money blogging. Affiliate marketing is one better revenue generating method. It is most widely used method by popular bloggers to earn unbelievable revenues. Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products of others and make commission through it. Selling a product is not easy but not difficult as well. One sale per 100 views can give you excellent earning. Lot of Indian bloggers make lakhs through affiliate. There are hundreds of websites that offer affiliate products. Among them Amazon affiliate, Cuelinks, shareasale and clickbank. Though each website has its own terms and pricing, most of them pays a decent pay.

All you have to do is sign up for any of the affiliate networks. Once you complete the registration process, search for the product that can make easy sale in your blog. If you have blog about books select books, if it is entertainment then search for movies and so on. You would get a link for each product or some websites offer you ads with pics in it. Copy the link or the ad code and paste it in the ad area of your blog. That’s it your ad is ready. Every time when some one makes a purchase you get paid.

Membership programs:
Membership programs are another effective earning method. Here you create premium content on your niche and give access to those content only for the paid members of your blog. This is a simple but easy way to gain popularity and revenue. Make sure the premium content is worth paying for.

Other ways:
There are few other ways that can work based on the amount of time you invest in them. Few them are referral programs, where you can share the referral links of websites that pay you for brining members to their websites through referral, Digital content sale like ebook, music and others, marketing local business and so on.

Earning through blogging is popular and the legit way to earn staying home. The only requirement is lot of time and creativity. If you can select a popular niche and post useful content you can earn millions. Happy blogging!

– Prakash Parasuraman, Blogger,


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