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Padmashree M.Subburaman

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Padmashree M.Subburaman

M.Subburaman, is an expert in the field of Eco sanitation and he is the founder of SCOPE NGO. SCOPE is an NGO based in Trichi, established in 1986 concentrates on rural development, empowering the marginalized women in rural areas. He found out soon that in rural areas open defecation due to inability to construct toilets was one of the basic problems that prevented their economic development.The fast 5 years scope has been focusing on Ecological Sanitation and has Constructed over 2000 Ecosan Toilets on the banks of the rivers Ganges and Cauveri and in Tsunami hit Sandy coastal villages of Tamilnadu.

Sevanthilingapuram on the banks of the sacred River Cauvery, about 35 Kms from Trichy on Trichy-Musiri road, consists of three habitations. Sevanthilingapuram North with 201 dwellings, South with 87 dwellings and Umayalpuram with 96 houses. Only 42 out of 246 houses occupied had toilets. Hence 80% of the villagers were forced to defecate in the open, mostly on the banks of the River Cauvery and an irrigation canal flowing in Sevanthilingapuram.


Residents of Sevanthilingapuram on seeing the excellent performance of the ECOSAN Compost Toilets in near by Kaliyapalayam were keen to go for ECOSAN Compost Toilets with financial support from UNICEF and State Government. So far in two phases 138 ECOSAN Compost Toilets have been constructed.

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With the help Auro Annam of Auroville (Pondichery) on the final phase ECOSAN Compost Toilets have been constructed in the 63 houses also Sevanthilingapuram earning the distinction of being the First ECOSAN Village in the country. The South Zone Board of Continuing Education recognizes the outstanding services of Mr.M.Subburaman in the field of Eco-Sanitation. The South Zone Board of Continuing Education takes pride in conferring upon Mr.M.Subburaman Founder/Director, SCOPE, the Quality of Life Improvement Kalam Award for the year 2016-17 and the same is presented on 25th September 2017 at Kalaiarangam Tirumana Mandapam, Trichy on the occasion of International Literacy Day Celebration.

– Sevai K.Govindaraju

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