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Ideas to earn online 2

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Ideas to earn online 2

Ideas to earn online, never in our life we would have searched for this term as much as we search now. The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. Thousands of searches are being done every minute to learn the ideas to earn online. In my last article I have listed the websites that offer cash for completing surveys. In this article I am going to share websites that actually help us earn a living.

Yes! You read it right; there are websites that offer works to earn our living. The only requirement is that we should possess some skills to earn through the offers listed in the websites.
If you have already spent quite some time searching about ideas to earn online, you might have come across this website. is very popular among people who are ready to cash their skills online.

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The name says it all, if you possess a skill and ready to freelance it, is one of the best optionsright now. Creating an account in Freelancer is pretty simple. Just head to click on the sign up button, fill in the details and confirm your email. That’s it your account would be created.

Rather than creating an account creating an attractive profile is prime factor in freelancer. Take at most care and time to fill out the required information in your profile. Make sure to give right information with proper wordings. Never commit a grammatical error while updating information in your profile (It may not give better impression among the hirers)

Your profile should include your experience, education and certification (If any). Under your profile, skills are the most important choice to deal with. Here you can select certain number of skills under your skills column, select the ones that you are good at. Never go for fancy skills, if you are not good at it.

Once you set up your profile, you can see project updates knocking your updates column. Start selecting the projects that better suits you and start bidding for it. Yes freelancer works based on bidding. If your bid impresses the client, they will accept your bid or they may message you. Initially getting accepted by a client is a difficult task, but with right description, profile and true promises you will be accepted for sure. Once you are accepted then its work from home.

வேலை பெறுவது எளிது ! தலைசிறந்த வேலைவாய்ப்பு இணைதளம் :
When it comes to ideas to earn online, the recently popular platform is This platform is similar to freelancer, where you can freelance your skills. The difference is that here instead of you chasing the clients, the clients will find you.

How? First thing to do is to create a profile in Just sign up and confirm your email. Once you create an account complete your profile. Unlike other freelancing websites, fiverr doesn’t give you skill option; instead you have to create a gig. A gig is nothing but detailed information about your skill. An attractive Gig should include your own creative poster, detailed information about your experience, knowledge in the field, what’s your charge and others. Make sure the gig page looks attractive.

If you are new try to go with least charge possible, so that your chance of getting hired is high. Fiverr allows one to create more than one gig. Once you publish your gig, you have to wait for the clients to contact you. Try fiverr if you can create an impressive gig that can sell your skills instantly.
This is another platform to freelance your skills. Upwork is similar to freelancer. Just sign up for the account, they give two options, one you can sign up using a business email ID or through your Google account. Once signed up, you have to complete your profile; here you get an option to import data from your Linkedin.

Once the profile is ready you can start searching for projects through the menu listed. The projects are listed based on the category and it is easy to find. Again make sure to propose an attractive proposal to get hired.

Though there are many freelance websites, it’s not useful to register in too many of them, since we can follow only few at a time. Register for few websites and create an attractive as well as trust worthy profile to get hired. Once hired there is no looking back. You can get ratings, once you start receiving ratings, your probability to get hired increases. That would defiantly be a dream run.

Unlike freelancing websites, Transcribeme is different. Here you get only one type of work that’s transcribing audio or video files to text files.

Registering in this website is simple, but as of now the registration is not being accepted due to many applications. Once they start accepting applications give it a try. The pay for transcribing is attractive, but before you get into work you have to complete a test. As per many reviews and my personal experience it’s a bit difficult to pass, but it’s possible (I passed after few hick ups)
Apart from freelancing there are other options to earn online, that we will learn in the upcoming articles.

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